a picture of an iPhone is worth at least $760
Posted 2012.09.21
As I was driving through Martinsville down to Bloomington yesterday to deliver Kristina Mullis' photos, I got an alert from PayPal on my phone. It said, "Demotix has deposited £484.79 into your account."

I immediately pulled into the nearest CVS parking lot and investigated. Turns out, in the midst of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 coming out, that the Instituto de Empresa, through Corbis Resellers, wanted to use my picture of an iPhone 4S at the Super Bowl Village from February and bought some rights to it Tuesday. Lo and behold, a royalty payment came through that same day:

The nearly $800 will be going straight to the bank, where I'm saving up to buy either a better 70-200mm lens, a 300mm lens, or kick-ass lighting equipment. Giggity.

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