'the magical mystery tour is dying to take you away!'
Posted 2013.02.08
Featured song: "Magical Mystery Tour" by The Beatles


I thought of writing something new for this entry, but it turns out I did all that work already. In a flurry of excitement about the ability to create my own Google Maps, I plotted out my entire trip to Liverpool in June 2010, complete with photos, short summaries of each place I went, and pretty exact timestamps. I had my reasons for this big project: I didn't want to lose any memory from that walkaround, I wanted an easy way to tell the story to as many people as possible, and, well, Google is magical. Plus, I had already invested a lot of time in the endeavor, what with making sure all my Beatles music was on my iPod a la the Abbey Road Album Walk, so it didn't take much extra work to record it all. (Sunk cost fallacy be damned.)

The embedded map appears below, but if you want full-screen action, you can follow the link below to see the original map. Enjoy!

P.S.: My visit to Liverpool happened in the middle of a longer trip through Europe while I was studying in Madrid. If you know Spanish, you can check out the blog entry to read all about it.

View From the Cavern to Mendips: The Grand Beatles Tour in a larger map
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