but not too short!
Posted 2013.07.24


It has been pointed out to me (thanks, Dad!) that these Shorts entries seem longer than many of my photo blog entries, and that if that's true, then Shorts is a very inappropriate name for this blog. I can understand the contention, but if you'll follow my logic a bit, you'll find that it's not true.

To illustrate this, on Sunday I added a small bit of JavaScript to the bottom of each short and photo entry. The script accesses the div container that houses the entry's text and counts the words in that container. Take a look at a sample photo blog entry with 11,372 words and a sample short with 762 words, and you'll see that, in this case, the short lives up to its name.

You might say, "How does that happen?" You might say, "I see more words in the short!" You might say, "How did you cheat?!" I would say, "I did not cheat!"

I simply made a second part of the script. This part counts all the images (img tags and video tags) in the container, multiplies that count by 1000, and adds that number to the number of words in the entry. With that small bit of code, it can be shown that nearly every short is, indeed, shorter than every photo blog entry, thereby assuring that the Shorts blog lives up to its name.

You might say, "You're a dork." I would say, "Yes, I am."

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