'cuz today wasn't a 'dig through my memories' type of day, i guess
Posted 2013.01.04
Featured song: "Lord of the Rings: Hungry Eyes" by Eric Carmen (song) and fayzabeam (shipper video)


... You should read the preamble, then promptly ignore it. I wrote it yesterday, and while I did plan on writing the main post last night or during work, a late IndyStar assignment kept that from happening.

So this time, you get a short that lives up to its name. I saw The Hobbit last weekend (last year!), so my brain had a not-so-random firing this morning and said, "Hey, remember those YouTube videos you watched a lot in college? Remember the one your friend just about died over? Yeah? Well, here it is, to be lodged in your head all day."

Some time after my dorm floor had a Lord of the Rings marathon (it was in an Honors Residential Community, no less), my friend and I found a YouTube video. I don't remember which of us found it, but depending on your sexual preference, you will either go, "Squee!" or wonder who took THAT MUCH TIME to scour the three movies and find just the right scenes (and I mean just the right scenes) to produce the aforementioned "Squee!" Take from it what you will:

P.S.: The memory of the above video came complete with this. Watch it, and then try to get it out of your head. I haven't been able to for four years.

I promise, next week will be about me and The Beatles.

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