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look ma im a REAL hackzorzasaurus


As Marty McFly said, "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."

My Loop, the most useful thing I've made since last week's chicken salad. (Funny story: I included the name of my table in the picture of my loop that used to be here, thereby opening me up to SQL injection and ultimate FAIL. Fortunately, I'm not famous, so no one malicious found it and thought it worth his/her time to destroy my blog content. Yay, humanity? Yay, anonymity? Definitely a yay to the mother of xkcd's Bobby Tables for reminding me of this glaring problem.)


woohoo its PHP OMG im a hackzorzasaurus


I can argue that I'm doing more web coding than most photographers would do. That counts for something.

We can pretend this is a picture of me coding, but really it's of me checking into Facebook on my friend's computer at our hostel in Athens. Photo by that friend, Seth Davis, in June 2010.

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