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Welcome to the main page of the shop! Feel free to take a look through the photos, which range from a benefit bike ride to a kite with a camera attached to its string. If you'd like to buy a digital copy of one of the photos, know that I, a pre-med student hoping to do some groundbreaking research in the future but facing down student loans in the present, will greatly appreciate it.

Kite aerial photography

In July 2012, I got a crazy idea to thread a kite string through my iPhone case and set the camera timer to take a photo every 13 seconds. Since then, I've refined this crazy idea; I took the "crazy" out of it, stopped using my phone, and bought a GoPro, a camera designed for high-impact, high-altitude photography. I've taken the contraption around Indianapolis and to Chicago and Tampa, with many more flights to come.

Help for Haiti 2013

Over 60 riders trekked through county roads on Sept. 7 in support of the St. Malachy medical mission at St. Marguerite parish in Port Margot, Haiti. Album includes photos from this year's ride; the Help for Haiti Past album includes photos from the 2011 and 2012 rides.

100% of the proceeds from these photos will go to support the mission.

Help for Haiti Past

The third Help for Haiti bike ride was this year, so that means I have two years of photos built up. These were posted on my SmugMug account, but that, of course, is no longer with us. I have many more photos than this (120 more photos, in fact!), so if you don't find yourself either here or in this year's album, lemme know and I'll scrounge something up.

100% of the proceeds from these photos will go to support the mission.

Hawks in the Hall

Thanks to Tom Crean, some CYO boys basketball teams were able to play last spring in Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Ind. I was in town that weekend, so I got as many photos of St. Malachy kids as I could.