True Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock talks with IU College Republican's Justin Kingsolver before a College Republicans event Jan. 24, 2011, in the Indiana Memorial Union. Mourdock beat six-term Senator Richard Lugar in the GOP primary election May 8, 2012. Alex Farris
Richard Mourdock, 15 months ago | Alex Farris Photo Blog
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I haven't been a part of any political coverage for an outlet this year. (There is an entry, though, featuring Rick Perry.) It's much different than 2010, when I was at Todd Young's headquarters for the IDS when the GOP candidate won the 9th district U.S. House seat from Democrat Baron Hill. As such, I have no photos of this year's Republican senatorial battle between six-term Richard Lugar and Tea Party-backed state treasurer Richard Mourdock. I certainly couldn't do any political coverage during my day job.

I do, however, have photos of Mourdock from an IU College Republicans event last January. He was the third invited speaker in the Indiana Memorial Union's Frangipani Room that night, and he introduced himself as the primary challenger that he turned out to be. I don't remember much about what Mourdock said that night, but I do remember being much more impressed with Tony Bennett, Indiana's superindendent of public instruction, who talked about working across the aisle on bipartisan education reform. I also remember, generally, that Mourdock's partisanship made me a bit chagrined. I guess I'm not alone.

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