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It's forecasted to rain tomorrow, so when I got home today from my job as an orthopedic research assistant I did something I don't do often enough anymore: take photos for the hell of it. No assignment, no blog post planned, just me, the shutter and the beautiful colors of fall.

I love winter more than any other season for its stark beauty (slush notwithstanding) and memories of snowball fights and sledding. Fall's beauty lies in the leaves on the trees as their green chloroplasts grow dormant, making way for the yellow, orange and red wavelengths of light that normally get absorbed for energy. I love that process, as I'm sure most Midwesterners do. The change is most wonderful in my own family's yard, because here it mixes with the old playground and the blue house paint to create a veritable machine of nostalgia.

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I'm an ant! Alex Farris
Alex Farris
Alex Farris
Alex Farris
Alex Farris
I used to call this the Jesus Tree. Also, guess how long that board has been there, and how long it hasn't been holding up a swing. Alex Farris
I haven't gone fishing in this boat in about eight years. Alex Farris
Alex Farris
This is in the middle of the cul-de-sac. Alex Farris
I'm standing on a low board by the playground. It was hard to pretend that the leaves were hot, molten lava. Alex Farris

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