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On Sunday, I took engagement photos of a long-time friend and his fiancée downtown. Arec Ligon and Kelsey Lauter have been together since 2010, and having known Arec since fifth grade, it's hard to imagine anyone more perfect for each other. They're both responsible, self-aware, and a bit dorky, and if the past is any indication, they're gonna have a happy life together. The best part of this shoot, besides knowing them very well, was how active and enthusiastic they were throughout. Both photographer and subject suggested poses and places, and together with the location (the Indiana War Memorial), I was very happy with the result. Congrats, guys!

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Arec Ligon and Kelsey Lauter pose for an engagement photo June 26, 2012, in Veterans Memorial Plaza in Indianapolis. The photos were taken on their second dating anniversary; Ligon proposed to Lauter the previous weekend. Alex Farris
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