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Lauren Spierer, one year later


It can't have been a year since Lauren Spierer went missing. Can it?


P.U.M.P. for Lauren Spierer


It's been five months since a missing IU student spawned national coverage, community action and my most difficult assignment. Since that time, I've ended my time with the IDS, I moved back to Indianapolis, I became a substitute teacher, and I returned to my old job as an orthopedic research assistant at St. Francis Hospital in Mooresville. I come back to visit Bloomington sometimes, though, largely because my awesome girlfriend lives there. A visit with her brought me back to the story of Lauren Spierer.

Mary Ann Ryan, Christina Goveia, Lisa Sipes and Donna M. Gigli-Quick put posters inside sleeves to protect them from the weather during P.U.M.P. for Lauren Spierer on Saturday outside Smallwood Plaza in Bloomington, Ind. The event organizers cleared the poster push with Lauren's parents, Robert and Charlene, but the group said it was an independent effort.


Five weeks without Lauren Spierer


I've taken other photos this summer, but most of the month of June was consumed by the story of missing IU student Lauren Spierer. Sadly, the search continues, despite all the people trying to get more information. In continuation of the last entry, here are a few more photos of a case that regrettably seems to have slowed down.

(I was at a high school friend's wedding in Indianapolis yesterday, so I wasn't able to cover Laps for Lauren in Bloomington. Sam Park took my place.)

Lauren Spierer's father, Robert, pauses while his wife, Charlene, rests her head on his shoulders during a statement to the media July 1 at Bloomington Police Department headquarters. "It's our worst nightmare," Robert said. "It's an experience that you don't want anyone to ever have to go through."

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